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Financial Aid


Financial Aid


How can I afford private school?

Great news, multiple forms of financial aid and scholarships are available to Carefree Christian Academy students! By combining CCA tuition discounts with STO scholarships, you CAN afford to send your student to private school!

**80% of our existing students receive scholarships to help them cover the cost of their tuition. So far our students received an average of $6,950 in scholarships each for the 2017/2018 school year.

The State of Arizona allows individuals and corporations to make donations to School Tuition Organizations on behalf of individuals or schools.  Individuals who donate receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit on their Arizona State taxes. Out-of-state donors may claim a Federal tax deduction.


Example CCA student scenario:

  • STO private scholarships of $6,050

  • Corporate scholarships of $1,250

  • $7,250 received towards tuition

  • $4,987 still owed, which is a payment of only $454 per month over 11 months!

(Example only: each family situation is different, but this is a realistic average estimate based on actual student scenarios at CCA.)


Student Tuition Organization Scholarships

Receive awards of as much as your student's full tuition per STO! Details and qualifications vary per organization.

     Our Partner STOs

        Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO)

        Arizona Tax Credit


        Arizona Tuition Connection

        School Choice Arizona

        Institute for Better Education (IBE)


Starting Private School Next Year?

This is the perfect time to begin applying for scholarships and raising donations! Through one of our partners, ACSTO, donors can recommend your child for a scholarship up to one full year BEFORE your child begins private Christian school! Learn more here.


Did You Know...

As taxpayers we can "spend" our Arizona state tax dollars and direct them to Carefree Christian Academy through an STO. Save on taxes as you redirect your tax dollars to support and educate students at CCA!

Read this packet to learn how.


Ready to Donate Your AZ State Tax Dollars to CCA?

Please donate now at this link...or choose from one of our other amazing STO partners listed above.

Or...complete this super-simple form to re-route your state taxes to CCA without reducing your take-home pay! (Some restrictions apply--depends on your company's payroll servicing company. You can always donate directly or contact one of our partner STOs for more details.

Email your completed form to, and in about a week ACSTO will send you a completed document to give your employer's payroll department.

Click here for more information, or visit

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Application Fee

$50 (non-refundable)

Admission Fee


Tuition - 2019/2020

STO scholarship funds available.

**Tuition now covers all outbound field trip costs!

$1,117 per month for 11 months

(Annual total may be paid in full for a 3% discount. Students may occasionally earn “fun” field trips - separate charges may apply.)

Various Athletic, Arts, or club fees may apply based upon student choice of electives and clubs.



$500 refer-a-student discount. (up to 1/2 off the cost of tuition!)

3% discount if paid in full by
August 1st.

5% sibling discount for each
additional child.


$20 per uniform polo

$14 per PE t-shirt

$40 per karate gi (includes all promotional belts)


Students may order lunches weekly from featured local restaurants. Prices vary according to restaurant menus and student options. Current restaurant partners include:

  • Barros Pizza

  • Wendys

  • Firehouse Subs

  • Ray’s Pizza


Admissions requirements

Admissions requirements

Prior to acceptance at CCA, all students must:

  • Complete an application and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee.
  • Provide at least 1 behavioral reference (from a pastor, teacher, or community leader)
  • Complete a family interview meeting with CCA’s Principal and Youth Pastor.
  • Provide a copy of their most recent school transcripts (Grade point averages below 2.0 will be reviewed for possible acceptance.)
  • Agree to follow the CCA Student Handbook and Behavioral Code of Conduct guidelines.

CCA's entry requirements allow us to maintain campus safety and academic quality.